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Can this plugin be used to upload multiple transparent layers to build a final product?

Hello -  

I watched the video tutorial for how this plugin works, and it doesn't look like it.  But I just wanted to write and be sure.  I want to know if it could be made possible to use this plugin in the following way. There are multiple colors that can be customized for each part of an individual product that we make. We have created transparent layers from which the final product can be constructed, and when stacked up on top of eachother based on the customer's selection of choices, the final product can be displayed.   Please let me know. 


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Have you found an option for your needs

I have a similar question yet I see I it hasn't been answered. Each one of our products can have 2 or 3 variations/unique parts/colors, how many png image layers can we add with Fancy product designer add ons so that we aren't loading a 4X as many products as needed? What other product builder would you recommend if Fancy Product builder can't display those variations? 

I have employed someone to fix the problem however they say it can't be done in Fancy Product designer and have used a combination of Java script and Woocommerce to solve it, as I am due to renew my subscription soon I don't want to if I can't get what I believed was an option from my original developer. 

Any one out there that can answer this? I have contacted the developers of the plug-in fancy product I’d like to hire someone but no one has gotten back to me

out of curiosity can you post a photo of a product or a sample of what are you trying to make. personally i add png layers of the object or part of the product and can change colors of them separately. 

This is a screenshot of my customers are a customize for different compartments of the memorial that I have a patent on Do you work on the website with the customizers?? I’m relatively new to figuring this out my web guy is too busy to work with me he may come back but I would like to pay someone who has experience with fancy product I don’t know if you were the developer of this plug-in… But I have heard nothing back from the three emails that I sent to the developers of this plug-in

i have no relation with FPD. You can achieve it by making a top layer in png format which has to stay on top and a base layer to act as background. In my case is a upload zone. You better add some light shade on the stone so it looks more natural. In my case i added the puzzle shapes in semi transparent grey which stay on top with upper layer. So the customer keep designing under this layer.

I am sorry but I cant design for you because i am already overloaded with my company.

This looks like you could achieve this with MSPC and FPD - similar to this demo - https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/sneaker-mspc/ Please feel free to email me hello@rhiannondoyle.com

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