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Colour picker only working for first view [Plus]

I have installed Plus, and I want the colour picker to show different colours for different views. It is currently only showing for the first view. I am using "After short description" location.

If I switch the views around, it takes whichever is first. If I actually click on the cat, the correct picker shows up in the flyout.

If there is a better way of doing this, please let me know: I am trying to negate the need for a different image for each colour where there are colour variations for a single product in Woocommerce, in this case transfers. I have the transfer type/material as the view so there are different colours which need to be assigned to each view...looking at the attached screenshots might make more sense.

Oops forgot the images.




FYI for anyone else trying to do this. I gave in and created a different fpd product for each type of transfer then linked them into a single woocommerce product using woocommerce variations.

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