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High Resolution Prints / Workflow / Best Practice


i am using the FPD for creating high res. prints and its working quite smooth.

The source images i use are 8k x 8k px 72dpi png files with transparent cut out areas.
For now I use a canvas 1k x 1k with my source images.
The preview and download in frontend looks unrendered and not sharps.

What is the best practice for using high res. source images that will be printed in high res. overall?
Is the export module required?
If yes, do i need to adjust my source images and does the export module also optimize the preview quality of the FPD?

A short keyword workflow how to succeed would be much appriciated.


Use, SVG

or, a different way


Use low PNG

in order, Export SVG file

OPEN: Adobe Illustrator, when you ask for missing pictures

Link high pictures.



For high resolution images we recommend to use our print ready export add on:


opi image replacement, is it possible?

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