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SVG mask with background image


I want to add a SVG mask for clipping any uploads by the customer but without clipping my own layers from the product builder. Should be possible with fabric.js like in this example: https://www.deindesign.de/de/designer/folien/designskins-laptop-matt/apple-macbook-pro-15-touchbar-2018-2019/N09082M#/workspace/324448069/

Any idea how to achieve that?

Thank you and best regards


you can do that by uploading a background image on your product in the individual product settings of your WooCommerce product. 

@rady kal
Thank you for your answer, but this is not possible for multiple views right? Or can I upload a background image for each view?

Best regards

hi AN,

you can do a similar work using layer

Hi @gryadn,

can you please elaborate how to do it? When I add a SVG mask the mask clips all layers, so it is not possible to have a background image layer larger than the SVG.

Thank you

upload area: svg or png

keyboard and apple logo: top layer

Hi gryadn thank you for your help,
Unfortunately the upload area always is rectangular so it is not possible to use a free form SVG, or is there a setting?


I love the way you did your toolbar.
Could you please share, I really appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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