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Stock for designs

Hi there, I am not sure if this is the right place. I have been developing my new website with Fancying Product Design and I absolutely love the plugin. There is only one thing I cannot figure out. Is it possible to add an stock to different designs? For example: I bought designs that can be printed on T-shirts. Customers can customize these T-shirts with these designs only my stocks are limited. How can I be sure no orders are placed with designs I do not have in stock anymore? Any tips are welcome!!! Thanks in advanced!! Cheers, Tim Vromans

Hi, Tim


Hi Gryadn, 

Thanks for your quick reply, it is highly appreciated, but that is only the sock for the T-shirts and not for the designs if I am not mistaken? I was wondering if it is possible to add stock numbers to the designs as marked in red in the image I added in the attachment. 


This feature is not supported yet. You could head on over to the feature request forum and have a look at the discussions there or add a new topic with a request for the feature you are looking for so we can keep it in mind for further updates.

Thanks for the tip!!

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