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Embroidery Module

Would it possible to add an embroidery module to the existing designer or as a paid add on?

This is a Site with 99% accuracy in generating stitch count based on image size. Something similar to this would be great and all that would be left is to allow for pricing to be allocated based on per 1000 Stitches for the most common hoop sizes which are:

4x4 inch100 x 100 mm
5x7 inch130 x 180 mm
6x10 inch160 x 260 mm
8x10 inch200 x 260 mm
8x8 inch200 x 200 mm

Using the calculation Here it is simple to work out how many stitches are present for the clients chosen image. So for a small logo in a 4x4 hoop depending on the coverage of an image (i.e. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% coverage) the stitch count would be approx between 1 - 7500 Stitches. So if there is an option to set the cost for 1000 stitches, such as 50p per thousand in the backend, then if  a logo is 100% coverage (7500 stitches) it then multiplies this to generate the cost.

Hope this is explained correctly as I am starting to confuse myself. Hopefully someone else may be able to explain it a little better and how it could possibly be implemented or what else should be added for it to work correctly.

If it could be added to existing designer or as a paid add on it would be fantastic for those of us who use embroidery.


as far as i understand it now, such calculations are currently not possible and at the moment we are not available for any custom job. 

I realise this was asked and answered a while ago but I've just noticed the stitchcounts.com plugin was created on the same platform as fpd. You mentioned the calculations were not possible but would it be possible to implement the following into the pricing addon... Stitch count could be calculated by the size of the design within a set space. For example if the upload zone/placeholder is 100mm x 100mm for every 25mm squared this equals 2000 stitches and for every 5mm squared this equals 25 stitches. So let's say for the sake of argument the whole completed design covers the full 100mm x 100mm zone then the stitch count would be 32000 stitches. All that would be needed in the backend would be a place to set the cost per thousand stitches for example 50p and this would then allow it to be priced correctly for embroidery. And in the designer if possible a magic erazer type tool so people can delete the white background if they upload a jpeg.

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