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More flexible text pricing


Actually we're charging customers for the text length written on our product.

That are the prices:

1-3 letters - 145$

3-6 letters - 200$

Now, when somebody write text "123123" he is being charged 145$, but if he would write first text "123" and second text "123" he is being charged 2x145$ instead of 200$.

Is that be possible to set up it somehow to count the amount of every used letters even if they're written separately?

It's better described in this topic -> https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000004547
However it's not explained how to implement that.

I will be grateful for any help.


You can set a maximum view price of 200 USD so this price can't be increased. Does this solve the issue? 

Therefore just go to the product builder and click on view options. 

Actually it doesn't solved the issue, because I forgot to write that it was only example.

The prices are from 145$ to 2000$.


1-3 145$

3-6 235$

6-9 285$

9-12 315$

12-15 350$ etc. etc and up to 2000$.

So even if I would set the max view price to of 2000$, it doesn't solve the issue.

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately it doesn't solve the issue.

I forgot to write that those prices was only example.

The price range is between 145$ and 2000$.

So even if I would set max. price to 2000$ it doesn't solve the issue because if someone write two texts with two letters he will be charged like before.

Sorry for double post, I will try to explain it better,

I would like to charge customers for every used letter, for example:

from 1 to 3 letters it cost 50$ for each letter

from 3 to 6 letters 80$

from 6 to 9 letters 100$

I would like to count every letter even if they're written separately. So the amount of every letters written the product.

This is not possible unfortunately. You can head on over to the feature request forum and have a look at the discussions there or add a new topic with a request for the feature you are looking for so we can keep this feature in mind for further updates. 

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