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Removable icon missing on load

Using Wordpress plugin 4.0.7 with Plus addon, and when elements are first drawn on canvas, the bin icon for removing an element are not shown. If I click on the element, click the Reset button for that element, and click on the element again the bin (trash) icon is now shown. 

I have two text elements on the back view of a shirt for name & number, and neither will show the icon on load, but will show after resetting both of them. Both are marked as removable in Wordpress. It can also be see in the JSON


fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.elements[1].parameters.removable = true;
fancyProductDesigner.currentViewInstance.elements[2].parameters.removable = true;



Please open a support ticket on our website, so we can have a closer look at your issue.

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