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Cannot upload plugin

Hello, I just purchased the Fancy Product Designer plugin for wordpress for my woocommerce store and I am unable to upload the plugin.
I downloaded the zip file, but everytime I try to upload it from wordpress it says "The link you followed has expired." 
I tried downloading a stupid plugin for increase of upload file size; I edited the values from cPanel of upload_max_filesize to 100M and max_execution_time to 300, but still get the same error. 

I would appreciate immediate assistance on the matter, as I'm working on a tight schedule and so far am not a satisfied customer.

Unkind regards,



Its a server related problem. See this article: https://docs.presscustomizr.com/article/333-how-to-fix-the-link-you-followed-has-expired-in-wordpress

Otherwise you can also use the Envato market plugin for the upload.

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