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Export Methods Addon

Before i buy it i would like to ask if i can export nonlayered PDF's? I dont want the customers to re-edit the design so i would like for it to export a flat image

Also can i set up what format each product is sent out as? Like i want some to be pdf, some png, and some PDF & JPEG? so does it have an option for each product? thanks


We will insert the flat PDF's in (one of) the next update(s). 

It is not possible to choose a file type for different products automatically.

If you can introduce this than i will buy right away. Please keep me updated

Again main features i need

  • Admin decides what type of file is sent out; it can be a select all box in each product; jpeg, pdf, flat pdf, png and so on
  • and this is priority Flat PDF to be sent out to customer not layered so they dont steal elements.

If you get the flat PDF to work, please post here so that i may buy the addon thanks!

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