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Set minimum font size for all texts


I have many, many products and I have just learned that a low of customers have problems with not understanding what text size is too small for print. I have therefore added a minimum font size for custom texts that is 30. This works fine.

The problem is that the texts already on the layouts of the products have a minimum font size of 1 still. How can I force a minimum font size for all existing texts in all existing products? I can run a database query if neccesary.


No, this is not possible. You can only set sizes for custom texts. The others need to be set via layers.

So there is no database query that is possible to run to batch-update this for all products? We have hundreds of products with multiple texts per product. It would literally cost us thousands of dollars to update this manually.

PS: Will new products made by us have the customer text minimum font size as default setting?

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