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2. Onlineshop with 2. fancy product designer

Hello! I use fancy product designer and now I will buy an 2. license for an 2. onlineshop who I will sell the same designer product. How can I manage this?
Can I use the same designs and sync them to wocommerce? Or can I export and import the designs? What is the best way? The plugin is great, but unfordently I can't use my own fonts.


yes, you can use your own fonts. Please see: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000548171-adding-fonts-that-your-customer-can-choose-from

You can get the designs from the wordpress folder and copy them to the new website. 

I can't find the designs in the wordpress folder. I see "fancy_products_orders".

Sorry! About the fonts: Yes I can use own fonts, but in the PDF export it doesn't work. We have write but it in the past.

You can find the images in the wp folder (wp-content/uploads)

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