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Question about the plugin Fancy Product Designer


I have a website where I have about 15 products, but each product can have several options - many options. 

I can't create an image for each combination because it would be hundreds or even thousands of images.

That's why I need something where I could :

- have an image for my base product

- create some layers of each option

- when the user chooses an option the layer goes on top of the main image

- the layers are added / removed depending on the user choice of the options he wants

I'd like to know if I can do this with your Fancy Product Deisgner plugin. 

Could you please tell me if it's possible and how i can set it up ?

Thanks for your help.

I was able to do what I want with "multistep product configurator" but I was wondering : do I really have to use both plugins ?

What are the exact role of each plugin ?



yes, thats possible. I recommend to use our Fancy Product Designer plugin in combination with the multistep product configurator as you already did because this is exactly what this plugin is made for. 

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