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Business Card layout without the UI and Text Customization

I am trying to understand how to make something like the business card demo Business Cards Demo

1) I imported the business card demo's file.  When the product is displayed it still shows the UI Bar.  How do I remove the UI and just display the business card design with just the Undo and Colorpicker?

2) I also created another "customizable product" for the right side.  However, it does not show up.  I went to the Individual Product Settings and I selected the "customizable product" but nothing happens.

Can anyone help?  


1) In the UI composer you can remove all actions you don't want to be displayed from the actions tab so they won't show up. Otherwise you can also use some css code to hide the actions container.

2) For the next side you can create a different "view". You don't need to create a different product for that.  

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