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Save configuration so that you can use it on called product from fancy product plugin

Im pretty sure all have seen this example from the Fancy Product Designer site


All works perfect, user selects a Hoody, then text or image and finishes his request, but

how about if the end user decides to see his design on a different Hoody???

Well guess what, the end user has to start again, don´t you think it is a must to have the platform to save the design and have the system be able to change products that do have the same layers named and configured on oll products so the user does not have to start again?


You can already do that. In the general settings of our plugin or in the individual product settings you can set "replace initial elements". I enabled this function in the product now. Please try again. 

I did the change on this link but it does not work, I do chanfe grom one product (design) to another and I have to retype


Please open a support ticket on our website, so we can have a closer look at your issue.  

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