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Sending printable files?

Hello all,

I tried reading the docs but im lost honestly because i have been away and new features and stuff confused me.

I think there was talk before about giving clients printable PDFs or JPEGs after they purchase the item. How do i go about it? is it possible yet?

I basically sell flyers, which i need the client to have watermarked all the way until they purchase the item. after they purchase the item i need them to have access to a fully printable file which DOES NOT have the elements used to make they file so they dont reuse it or resell it.

thanks for all the help


Yes, this is already possible. You can use our advanced export plugin for that. For more information please see https://fancyproductdesigner.com/features/export-methods/ 

Is there a way so it wont be a layer file? because i dont want them to steal the design.

this is currently not possible if you use the automated export. Maybe we will implement it in one of the next updates but we aren't sure yet.

You can download a flat pdf and send it to your customer manually. (This feature will for sure be implemented soon again)

any chance its included now? and is it both? i decide which file is sent and non-layered psds?

yes, it is included now. 

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