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Woocommerce bulk variations by radykl

 When i use this plugin along side any plugin such as woocommerce product add ons it adds my addon one off product fee multiple times, i need to add a one off time fee to my product with a checkbox option without it doing this, how can this be achieved with this plugin


Please contact our support team so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

Hi. Did you find any solution to this?

I also am trying to get bulk variations to work with any 'Product Add-ons' plugin but cant find a viable solution.

I cannot get the add-on options to calculate their fees to match the total quantity of products added in the bulk variation form.

Also, when the product is added to cart, the bulk variations become multiple cart line items, and the add-on options/prices are all wrong.

FYI, a correct integration with a product add-ons plugin would make for INCREDIBLY POWERFUL functionality, for many use cases!

Please update. Thanks.

Hi Radikal,

i am building a custom t-shirt store website, working with yours plugins, FDP, and from today with the WBV, 

i have a issue, and dont have idea how to solve, and need some help from you great knowledge.

Im working too with the woocommerce custom products addons (acowebs) in the order to add to the products multiple options in the customization.

today after setup the WBV, the WCPA dont multiply the selected options for the new product quantyty of the WBV.

Before setup de WBV all work fine.  

Some idea how can i fix the anomaly to get the product work fine?

thanks in advance ans keep safe!.


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