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Hide Unused Upload Zone Default Image

Is there a way to hide an upload zone default image on the preview and export views of a product if an upload zone isn't used? I use the default image for customer direction... they're not design elements. 

 I have multiple upload zones but none of them are required. If a customer doesn't use one, they see my default "click here to upload" image as part of their design. 

Great tool so far!


Unfortunately this is not possible. But you can e.g. use a transaprent png so the upload zone isn't even visible. Below that layer you could use an image with the words "upload zone" etc.. on it and exclude that layer from export. The only disadvantage using this method is that if someone uploads a semi transparent image, the background will shine through in the preview (but not in the exported file)

Dear Sirs,

I am eagerly looking for this feature. Please add this feature to your wordpress plugin and I'm looking forward to purchase it soon. I am planning to make a greeting card website using your plugin.I have purchased an old version of your plugin to check the plugin's possibility to use it in my website. I need to hide non-customised elements in print preview and in the ordered product.

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