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font size and font style not change on text link group

hi all

i ve try the text link group  and i see that when i change a font size or font style in one of the text link group, the font and size not change on the others text on the group

is there a way to do that ?

thank you

no, this is currently not possible. You can open a feature request in our feature request forum so we can keep it in mind for further updates. https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/forums/5000217737 

OK, thanks I will open a feature request for it it is still annoying when the linked text fields are configured with a maximum length and therefore adaptive. the length of the second text remains the same instead of adapting as is normally expected.


I saw that the feature request was denied,

I do not understand very well the interest of being able to link two text fields if the different fields do not adapt automatically.
especially if the different fields are configured with a Font Size To Width

on the screen i have defined the two text fields with a Font Size To Width
the goal being that the two texts change identically.

what is the use of the text link group option if only the text is modified, the option loses all its interest

Hi there,

this option would be really beneficial and useful. Would also be very interested in this adjustment, maybe you can pick up on the topic again and plan it. That would be great.

Thanks a lot!

Yeah linking text fonts would be really useful

I made a feature request but it was not retained :( 


concerning the font I can understand, but for the font size which does not adjust while the options of the text zone are preset with a maximum size it seems to me that it is a bug ...

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