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FPD not working properly in mobile devices.. Please Help !!

Hello team,

i am using FPD for my website printog.in the customizer is working fine in computer and laptop. But, when someone try to use my website or your customizer in smartphone / mobile devices it does not allow the user to use the tool bar where the user can ( UNDO, REDO, RESET PRODUCT, ADD QR CODE ) because the customizer is now showing the toolbar in the customizer. It only shows a blank space for the same. For better clarification i am attaching some images so you'll get the idea what i am trying to say.

Customizer with no toolbar - My website

Customizer with toolbar - someone's website

we provide customize mobile case services and many other. People will gonna jump right after they see an error. It doesn't matter which category i'm using the customizer the error stays in all i.e. Mug, Mobile Cover, Cushion pillow etc.

Please look forward to this, its a humble request.


Please open a support ticket on our website, so we can have a closer look at your issue.

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