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Fancy Product Designer | Export add-on

I'm trying to buy the plugin above.

I'm trying to use this plugin because of font problems.

This is because fonts do not always appear correctly when saving a PDF.

There is something to check before you buy.

Unfortunately my server confirmed that imagick can not be installed.

Can I use this plugin even if imagick is not installed on my server?

My purpose is only to ensure that fonts are displayed correctly in PDF files.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


You need image magic because if you want to create a print ready png or jpeg, it is used for creating a specific dpi. 

You don't need it for creating PDF's.

Could we check the Plugin before buying? I have a staging server and a live server - so I have to buy 2 Licenses in that case?

no, if the website is not online yet you can transfer the license. 

it is online, but staging, there is one address for testing: https://www.teppich-gestalten.de - but if all test are okay i'll move it to that address: https://www.teppichdruck-deutschland.de - any idea?

I'll have it actually on a staging server for testing (www . teppich-gestalten . de) - and will move it if everything is okay to another server ( www . teppichdruck-deutschland . de) - both servers have to be live, but it is one project. the first one for testing the second for the audience in the web

In that case unfortunately you need two licenses as both websites are online. 

But they are not productive, only one! They are an exact copy!? The one ist not in the google index. Is this a solution if i close the staging server with a password? Or another solution to test this plugin?

Hi, that is a solution, yes. As long as you can't open both websites online directly without a password you need two licenses. If you use a password, you can do that. 

Hi Rady Kal, how i'll get Updates of the "Fancy Product Designer | Export add-on" ? Is there a newer Version than 1.1.1? I got some Problems while exporting PNGs!

Albert Augustin, did you figure this out? I've had issues creating images as well after updating my ios

I"m also facing the issue that PNGs are not rendered into the PDF.

I've been experiencing an issue with saving any photo on Apple's latest updates. ios14 and Mac OS 10.15.7

Even on the demos on their website. Do you i know if this issue is effecting the export add-on?

Clients who recently upgraded devices are not able to use my site at all. 

Looks like there is an issue with Safari on the latest IOS for frontend download. A workaround while we find a fix is to tick - Only export current showing view.

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