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Why does [fpd] shortcode create two "Customizer" buttons on WooCommerce Elementor template?

I am using Elementor with FPD and creating Elementor to create templates and apply them to my WooCommerce pages.  When I add the shortcode [fpd] to the template using Elementor, it creates two "Customizer" buttons on the product page.  (and only one of the buttons works)

Why does it do this?  

What is the proper way to make this work with Elementor?

I have the same thing as well, mine is with the actual product designer itself it like duplicates itself over top of another! Was trying to use the recommended short code because of elementor but that leads to the duplicating. Then if I switch off elementor I’m using custom headers in Astra theme w/elementor. I used the debug and I see no problems with using FPD with elementor that it tells me Yet it’s acting really weird AND Amy Mobile is totally blank! How does your mobile situation look? Can’t seem to get any answers on this. I have had many tickets out so I’ll guess we’re just waiting since the elementor documentation on this is like a sentence long.

Yes.  The single sentence alleging that Elementor is compatible with [fpd] shortcode is insufficient.  And the link sending you to "learn more" is not a link sending you to "learn more."  It is a link sending you back to the introductory post.  I used the debug option and the only hook that came back was the last one (meaning 1 out of 4).  Therefore, it seems that FPD is not intrinsically compatible with Elementor, and this is apparently why you need the shortcode.  

To be clear, the shortcode does appear to work.  The key word is "appears."  The button it rendered on my template does take me to the Customizer.  But I cannot say if this is a result of Elementor.  Or if this is somehow a result of my Astra theme.  Because if I set a FPD product layout within the Elementor template page on the backend, it doesn't work on the template.  It only works if I set the FPD product layout within the individual WooCommerce product pages.

I have yet to get an answer on the second button (which doesn't do anything).  With Elementor being the most popular page builder on the market, is it possible to get this FPD remedy prioritized?  Thank you


I've updated this https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/13000063665-using-fpd-with-page-builder-plugins-like-elementor to show exactly which settings you need if you want to show the designer in a lightbox which will make sure it's not showing two buttons. 

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