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Hey I seriously need help figuring out how to use this for making a school letter jacket customizer

I was first using TM Extra product options which is an amazing plugin with clean logic and interface. My client needs to have this jacket customizer though which is really screwing things up. The only thing that will be changing design-wise is the collar style, sleeve style, and having the color picker option. BUT there needs to be an option for them to add patches in and/or their name for an added price. No joke this will create about 20,000 variables and is absolutely ridiculous. I need a way to understand how to create the base jacket body and best way to make it so that way when they change it the collars change, sleeves change and when they choose a patch design there is conditional logic that makes sense. I am all over the place in the fancy product editor and found the cleanest way was to make separate products of these and put them in their categories...MY DESIGNS IS MISSING and I can't find it anywhere because I go to click on it and it says I have no categories when I clearly do. I purchased the extra product addon that goes with this as well as the multistep configurator and I'm about to pull my hair out. The support documents are thin and don't help I know them by heart and all there is for video is the damn sneaker demo besides a basic tee one which is no help to me at all for figuring this out. I have all of my pngs broken down all ready to go. PLEASE, I just need some guidance on where the heck I am supposed to start at on this I have been going gat it for about 40 hours with no movement here... here is the product I am testing it on and will keep working on for now until I go walk into traffic over this. https://mfa.srg.mybluehost.me/illini-grad-sales/product/letter-jacket-fpd/?preview=true


Please contact our support so we can have a closer look at your issue. https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/home 

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