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Selected design doesn't show in cart

I have an issue where a product is selected as part of the design process in MSPC and this doesn't show in the cart!
It is the chosen design which is a variable.
This is the same as showing the chosen font, color and text. Doesn't make sense if it isn't showing in the cart.
The customer needs to see what design they have chosen.... (not just a thumbnail) but showing in the order summary.

Please add this ASAP as it should be "standard issue"

Seen from another angle. Lets say you have a selection of gift cards or chalk board styles that can have personalized text.
Its no use just showing the customized text,color and font and not stating the selected "CARD" or "CHALK BOARD STYLE" selected.

Here my ticket content.

The selected design/town doesn't show in cart.
Is there a setting that I have over looked in regard to naming or...?
The designs are FPD designs in FPD product category.

At the moment there is no option that would show this name in the cart.

You could head on over to the feature request forum and have a look at the discussions there or add a new topic with a request for the feature you are looking for. The more people agree with you, the more quickly we are going to implement it in a future version.

It is not sufficient to just show a thumbnail for the PRODUCT as it should also show in the written order in the cart because if as in my case its on a tshirt its to small for the customer to see subtle differences in the design.
Say for e.g. a customer orders 2 similar shirts they cannot tell the difference between the designs by the thumbnail and it becomes confusing for them.
Could you add this ASAP please.
Please see attached example.




You can open a feature request in our forum so we can keep this in mind for further updates: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/forums/5000217737 

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