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SVG "design" remove #000000 in checkout

I was wondering if someone could help me with a little problem i have regarding .svg images in "Designs".

When adding a .svg image to the canvas and then click "add to cart" theres a little information that follows to the cart and checkout page, the name on the image and #000000 this have something to do with the color link group i suppose?

Its great that i shows the informatione what the design is named, but i would like to get the #000000 to be gone, anyone have an idea?

Best regards

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In the general settings of the plugin you can choose which information should be shown within the cart. If you don't want the colorcode to be shown you can disable it there.

Hello, do you mean

If i use "Only used colors" the name of the design added wont follow just the colorcode.
If i use "No" then theres nothing showing just the product name but not the design names.

To be able to se the .svg name that have been added from design i need to choose the top one "Properties: Color, Font Family, Textsize" for it to work...

Any other suggestion?

so you only want to show some parts and not all properties? If so, you need a customization. You can hire us to code it for you via www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request

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