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Move position of tools like trash, re-size and rotate to corners of upload zone - not actual image.

Currently when you add an image to an upload zone (using the cover option), the image will fill the upload area which is great and the tools such as trash, rotate and re-size appear at the corners of the uploaded image. The only problem comes when the user uploads a landscape image into a portrait orientated upload zone or visa versa. If you have the the total canvas area quite tight to the actual upload zone (as I do with many of my FPD products), the tools (trash, re-size and rotate) will not be visible on the canvas area unless you move the image to one corner, which is not an obvious thing to do for a new user.

It would be great to have an option that these tools (trash, re-size and rotate) remain at the corners of the actual upload zone and NOT at the corners of the uploaded image.

I hope that makes sense.

Kind regards - Gerard


Sorry, this is not possible. You need to shrink your upload zone in order to see the corner controls.

Hi Gerard

Did you find a solution? I am having the same problem. Considering to put out my own UI for image operations ... 

Hi Ben, no - without the support of the developer I don't have the ability to make such changes. To me this is an obvious UI weakness. On the whole I find the developer forward thinking and open to suggestion but he also closes the 'door of suggestion' quite quickly on certain requests, this being one. I think FPD is exceptional but my biggest bugbear is the filters. In my situation where customers are uploading quite high res images, often over 2MB or more, the filter system does not work to a satisfactory level and will often crash the system. There are also too many useless filters, just need black and white and sepia. The older version of FPD worked differently and did a good job with this but the new version is no good. Do you have any problems with the filter system?

Hi Gerard, I don't use filters at all. That would be too advanced for my users who are not even dealing properly with the resize corner control go off the canvas :)

Did you find any workaround for that? Or any ideas? I can do some coding myself and so if you have any good ideas I could try to implement it for us. So far tried to play a little with an idea of the controls "stop" at the canvas border but without implementing the "spring" effect of them bouncing it does not look too good ...  

Hi Ben, no I am not a developer so such adaptations are beyond my skill set. I like to keep up to date with versions so I am reluctant to move to a bespoke solution that may be overwritten. Good luck with your project.

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