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Mobile UI: Disable Browser Scrolling when finger touches canvas area.

I really love all the new adaptations which make FPD more mobile friendly. The one thing that even I find really difficult to do on a touch sensitive device like a smart phone is moving an element such as text to a different position on the canvas. As you select the element and gently try to move it, the phone wants to scroll the screen. Its OK for left and right movements but very tricky for up and down movements due to the browser scroll. 

I have seen on a competitors online customisation solution that browser scrolling seems to be disabled when your finger is touching the canvas area, i.e. when moving an element. With this in place it becomes a very easy process to move elements around within the canvas on a touch sensitive device.

Please consider this if possible, most of my customers use their mobile phones and they have advised me on numerous occasions that they find my system (FPD) difficult to use sometimes.

Thanks and regards - Gerard


The option to stop canvas touch scrolling can be found in Settings--Advanced


Thanks Alexandre, yes Johnny at FPD has been very helpful with the same info. The option does n't seem to work on my site so I am looking at a theme or plugin compatibility issue. I hope I can get it working!! Thanks again. Regards - Gerard

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