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Fit image in canvas

 Hi !

"Fit Images In Canva" does'nt work since my last update (from 3.4.2 to 4.0.6 )

Settings > Advanced > Fit Images In Canva > YES

I try to use

Settings > Element Properties > Scale to Width > (value)

It's OK when the image size is larger than the value.
But when an image is smaller, it automatically increases the size.

Could you help me ?
We have the same issue.

"Fit Images In Canvas" is enabled but doesn't work.

We uploaded an image larger than the canvas and the image was clipped.

Hi. It's work with FDP 3.9.9

Will be fixed in next update which is coming in the next 7 days.

Thank you !


I am having this issue and we have version 4.0.7 .

I have set in the advanced settings ( Fancy Product Designer > settings > advanced ) the "Fit Images In Canvas" and when I upload an image bigger then the canvas I have to move the image up to be able to see the "scale" marks in the bottom right corner. 

Do I have to do something elsewhere? 

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