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I wanted to ask the developer a question before bying the plugin and this is the only channel I found so please excuse this offtopic thread.

I need to rebuild the functionality of my website https://neuwerthundboldig.de because the used plugin is causing woocommerce to crash during checkout - we are selling customizable tiles and we are using svg-files with grouped paths to let the customer choose his own combination of pattern-filling-colors from predefined colors like f.e. on this product page: https://neuwerthundboldig.de/produkt/titus/

could I achieve this kind of function with the fancy product designer as well?

thanks a lot, cheers! 


Yes, you can. 

Hello again,

could you explain to me how this would work with your plugin?

right now I'm using svg-files with grouped paths which I can colorize with colors from a predefined color-map. would your plugin also make use on ONE svg-file with grouped paths or would I have to go a different route with several layers/files?

also: the solution I am using now is based on fabric.js and I am running into difficulties on apple-mobiles (iphones and ipads) which are not browser-dependent: the svg files would simply not load - I assume that there is a memory allocation-problem due to restrictions by apple-  but I could not track it down exactly (I'm not a developer) - is your plugin also experiencing these kind of problems on iphones and ipads? Thanks a lot! Cheers! V.

Please open a support ticket on our website so we can have a closer look at your issue and help you with your questions https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/home 

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