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Birthday Card Demo


Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't see where else to put something like this. I am looking for this exact thing I think:


  1. Do I just need the MSPC plugin or will I need the product designer also?
  2. Can I specify the box in which you can type (and size) 
  3. Can I specify a google font by default?
  4. Will I be able to download a PDF of the file once the order has been placed (for example the entire A4 card design)

I have a gallery of 100s of images for cards I am selling but I want people to be able to type their name onto the back of the card, this is my end goal. Then be able to go into the backend of the site and download the file ready for me to impose (so it doesn't need cropmarks etc) 

Hope this makes sense. 

Kind Regards, 


1. You also need the fancy product designer 

2. Yes, you can. 

3. Yes, you can. 

4. Yes, you can. 

Can you also import via CSV? Or do you need to individually do each design and specify the area of design on the artwork (I have 1000s of card designs all needing the same box for design) thanks for your reply.

no you can't. You need to do each design individually (or Copy and paste the products and just change the image)

Or you create one product and only change the image inside via the design module or multistep product configurator.

It depends on what you like to get exactly. 

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