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 If I purchase the Export Add On plugin and I find that it does export my products properly, can I receive a refund within a certain time frame? I really hope it works according to our needs.  I just want to export business cards right now but will get into larger products (ex: large banners) later on.   I just don't want to shell out the 199,000 euro ($226 US dollars)  and find that it doesn't work for us.   I'd like to test it out.



If you want to test the export, you can do that for free with our ADMIN solution, its the same quality of export. In the ADMIN solution you can do 5 free print-ready exports per month.



Would the Export Add for WP reside on my server?


yes, if you get our new export add on https://fancyproductdesigner.com/features/export-methods/ 

no, if you subscribe.

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