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ADMIN section question

Am I supposed to use the newer ADMIN section to design all  of my templates or am I supposed to use my website with the Fancy Product Designer plugin over there to design  my templates and set up info?  The reason that I ask is that

 I originally created my business card template on the FPD plugin on my website.  Then I found out I need to connect my website to the newer ADMIN panel section if I want print ready files.   So I did that.  Right now I have 5 free exports.  I am using those to test how things work out before I subscribe. 

 I went to admin.fancyproductdesigner.com/website/mywebsitename  to type in my info in the VIEW OPTIONS section of PRODUCT BUILDER. Then I noticed after I saved my printing box dimensions and clicked on SET, it didn't save the info on that page when I came back to it.  All the info I set all disappeared over there  however that info  showed up on my website at Fancy Product Designer panel. So I guess I'm confused as to where should I be inputting all of my templates and set up everything? The admin section or from my website FDP plugin?

I also need help with this error I get when testing the connection of my site to admin:

It is the 500 error on the design_category portion and it says this:

500 - The "HTTP_AUTHORIZATION" or "REDIRECT_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION" is missing in the global variable $_SERVER...

RewriteRule is missing in .htaccess. Read how to add it.

I read the directions on how to fix and it said I had to had to add a line of code to .htaccess  and I did  that l but that design_category section is still is not connecting when I test it.

Help would be appreciated. I am trying to meet a July 1st deadline for my client and have everything (website and all ) set up for them. I have other questions about the printing export that I tested but I will open a new thread for that.

Thank you.


I Forgot to add that I am using Woo Commerce. 


If you don't want to subscribe to the admin solution you can also download our new export Add-On. https://elopage.com/s/radykal/fancy-product-designer-export-add-on/payment 

IT doesn't matter where you set up your products. It should save. If you're having any troubles please contact our support so we can have a closer look at your issue. https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/home 

Also for your error messages please contact our support team. 

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