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Request a Quote Behaving Like "Add to Cart"

I'm having issues where the "Get a Quote" button is functioning similar to the "Add to Cart" feature, rather than actually sending the designed images to our team for a quote.

Can anyone help me configure this so that "Get a Quote" instead actually sends an email out with the design?



Impacted Page - https://flatironsprintanddesign.com/product/custom-t-shirts/


Please open a support ticket on our website https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/home so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

We are having the exact same issue, where id adds the item to the cart rather than to us as a quote, I would also like to have a solution to this, rather than allowing access to our site for investigation.

The customer does not have to abort the checkout process at any point, he has to go through it - the price is simply set to 0 and some text is changed to make it visible that it's a quote.

Then from your WooCommerce order backend you can view the product and send an email to the customer with the quote.

@Daniel Kwolkoski and @Matthew Lee, have you found a solution ? 

@rady kal. The problem is that i use a Yith request quote plugin for doing that and it work fine on all products (not customized) except with Fancy Product designer, because it does not add cutomized product in the quote (only add the standard product) .  So, i  think that the solution can be easy with your support.  Just explain how to send the customized product to a quote. Hope that you can help us

Thanks in advance

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