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Add Selected Product display to cart / order page.

I use product categories for my products. This allows the customer to select a product to design. I would like to display the option they have chosen to customize individually from element properties in any order summary locations independently of element properties summaries. These locations would include the cart, order and emails. The options would be check boxes in settings->woocommerce 

I wanted to clarify that what I am looking for here is the title of the selected product which the user has configured.

For instance, I used the demo site and picked Hoodies, then selected Hoodie Men. This product title doesn't show anywhere in the cart, emails, etc.

Here is the product page, where the title of each product can be seen on hover:


This is how the product Appears in the cart:image

This is how it should appear IF enabled in settings (the individual option is important, as I don't want to show all element properties)


Additionally, the label in the cart should use the configured translations:


Looks like this has already been implemented in the order viewer and looks like this:


This was prior requested in this thread: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000021536

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