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Cut Line for digital printing

Hi We print stickers. I am looking for a way to add a cutline path to the print ready exported pdf. On our system the cutline is just a path with stroke color defined by a AI color swatch named cutContour. It is the swatch name which makes the printer SW to recognize this as a cutLine. Any way i can add this line in product builder and have it exported et the end , please ? Currently i am adding it manually ... Thanks in advance

unfortunately this is not possible. 

Answer I found sort of workaround,publishing here for sake of others who might need this : 1. Created an svg with the cut path. 2. Colored this path as invisible ( no stroke,no fill ) 3. Added the SVG in the ProductBuilder exactly where i would like the cutcontour to be. Remember, this path is invisible to the user After the print export (layered pdf), open the pdf in an editor (AI in my case), find the path and change the stroke to the swatch. I made a small js script to locate the path and change the stroke. Much easier and precise than adding the path manually each time
Hi, is there any chance you could email me the JD for that?

Hi Philip

Sorry, I noticed your post only now. Not sure I understand what you need. Let me know and I will try to help. Is it the "search for a path" js script you ask about?

For the original problem, btw, I found a faster solution for me. For that, I had to modify a little some print-ready exporting code of the FPD ( the tcpdf library ).

Do you also need to add a cut line? Is it some simple geometric figure ( in my case it is just a rectangle of a specific color ). I modified the code which creates the PDFs on export and it just "draws" my cut line into the pdf file being created for export.

I can share the code here if needed. The downside, of course, - each time there is a new version - I need to compare and merge my code in again ....

Hey Ben, that sounds really interesting! I need a CutContour line in my Fancy Product Designer as well. Do you mind sharing the code with me? Can you post it here? Or email me?

Hello Ben,

I need a CutContour as well in my files. Do you mind sharing the code with me as well? I I am very curious. 

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