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Auto-scroll to the designer when customer clicks on the customize button


I've been looking for an solution to an question we have regarding the Fancy Product Designer. 

In our current situation the designer loads in the product page for each specific product when a customer clicks on the customize button. The product page reloads when the button is clicked and the designer loads a little bit lower on the page. 

The issue however is that there are no visual signs for customers that the designer is down there. We've been trying to look for solutions in the settings but we can't seem to find any. 

Our question: Is it possible to force browsers to automatically scroll to the Fancy product designer on the product page when customers click on the "start customizing" button? 

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Please share a link to your website so we can have a closer look.


You need to enter custom javascript to your code. If you want to hire us to do it for you please contact us via www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request

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