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Using "font-size to width"

Hi Have tried to use "font-size to width" to create say 4 lines of text set to say width of 200. This should force the text to alter the size of the text for each line but it doesn't. There seems to be a bug...... has anybody found a work around for this. If say write "NOW" on just one line of text then it would be big and fat. But if I was to write the following on say 4 lines then the text just uses one size font and doesn't force all lines of text to "font-size to width" BIG FAT FISH IN THE AFTERNOON AT THE LAKE Cheers Nick

This is not a bug this is how it works. The font size is adapted to the width of the text area. 

Can you provide an image of how you want the result to look like?



Maybe "bug" wasn't the correct term.

I made the attached pic using "single lines" of "add text" as opposed to using "add text" and being able to use return and type in another line.....
Need it so that customers can type in say 4 lines of text and that each line justifies to width as the look in the attached pic.

Cheers Nick

This is currently not possible. If this is an option you need you can hire us via www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request to code it for you. 

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