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How to combine views out of FPD into single product image on woocommerce product page

We have some products that have multiple views such as an upper area and a lower area.  They can add text and images into each.  However when the end user clicks "done" and it brings them back to the woocommerce product detail page the generated FPD image doesn't contain both views.  It only contains the modifications from one. 

How do I set it up so that both the upper and lower changes (which are both in different views) all display as one on the woocommerce product detail page so you can see the full rendered image in context.  An end customer placing an order is going to want to see their entire design all at once before placing the order.

A similar but different question is that we also have situations where we have front and back for a product.  How do I display in woocommerce both the front and back view designs on the woocommerce product detail page?


This is not possible unfortunately. You can only achieve this by custom coding. If you want to pay for this option you can hire us via www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request

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