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Woocommerce Product Vendors not compatible with FPD

 Fancy product designer is not compatible with Woocommerce Product Vendors.

For now only the SITE ADMIN has access to it.

We have vendors selling their products using our platform and site resources and they need to also use and have access to Fancy Product Designer.

Can anyone URGENTLY ASSIST with customizations!!!

URL is www.teetree.co.za


We already made it compatible with Dokan Multivendor plugin, which is currently the biggest vendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce.

But as mentioned before. I am using Woocommerce Product Vendors and need assistance with customizations for that plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you need assistance with a customization, please contact our customization team here: https://fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request/

im using wcfm can i add this to my vendors pages

Thank you

We didn't work with that plugin yet so unfortunately we can't tell you. We only made our plugin compatible with Dokan. 

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