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Pattern Only for Certain Products

Is there a way to only allow certain products and elements to allow patterns?  There are some products I don't want to allow patterns, some products that I only want to allow certain elements to have pattern options, and then others that would be limitless.  I would also like to only allow certain patterns on certain products as well...


For different WooCommerce products it is possible to enable only certain categories in the meta box on the right. For different fancy products within one WooCommerce product it is not possible. 

I am a little confused by the answer - I am referring to pattern images.  Where do I go to only allow pattern images for certain products/categories?

Did you upload the pattern images via the "Designs" module? If so you can go to your WooCommerce product and click on "individual product settings" on the Fancy Product Designer meta box. Then go to General and select the design categories you like to use for that specific WooCommerce product.

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