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customized text preserved/saved when changing/swapping products

Example: Customer Mugs

Customer puts in their name in customized text area and wants to see what it would look like on different style mugs.  When they change mug styles they don't have to retype their name in every time they switch.  


Lets say they first look at a mug and then want to look at a plate to match.

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I second this request. It would be of great help.

In the General settings - Modules section you find an option "Replace Initial Elements". Enable this option and when you change the base product, the custom added elements remains on the canvas.

I submitted a ticket in regard to this and was told it is not possible and to put a request in.  Here was the reply "The replace initial elements only makes it so that custom added (not including existing modified layers) are kept when switching a product."

Maybe I did not explain it as well here.  I would assume I got this answer because the custom text would be in a different place on the mug than it would be on the plate.

That is the issue I am having,  I have 5 different graphics where the custom text will be in different places on each one. 

Yes if the text should be on different areas it is not possible. 

The only workaround i can think of is creating one fancy product with 5 different views (each different view shows a different product).

That way you can enable the text replace for different areas.

Also you can enable all views as "optional" so the user will only see and be charged for the following product if he enables it.

Well after being told this wouldn't work in an email I scraped my idea...only to find out that you can say it will work 10 days later.  Since this will be easier for me to do I went back to what I had before (the workaround you mentioned above) where I was told this wouldn't work by John.  So I recreated it again.  Now when I click around and decide on a design I do not see a done button.  So I add to cart.   Just like before.... it does not show me what design I picked or the name and number I typed in on the cart.  It also shows the wrong picture.   I have this selected in settings: 

Element Properties Summary

Properties: Color, Font Family, Textsize

I searched all over for a view as "optional"..I could not find it...I do not understand what you mean here:   Also you can enable all views as "optional" so the user will only see and be charged for the following product if he enables it.

So  I have 1 product with 5 views  and have no idea what view the person picked or what they used to customize name and number.

Ok...I changed the views to optional.   It still will not mark which one of the 5 views was picked.  In the cart it shows all of them.  But now at least it shows the name and number.

I am sooo close and would hate to give up now.  All I need is something to show me which one they picked to purchase.

You can see in the order viewer if the views are locked or unlocked.

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