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Resize thumbnails Choose from designs

I want resize "Choose from designs" its possible? because now its  133*55 and I want bigger than that, because is too small.


Which element do you want to resize exactly? 

The text or field "Choose from designs" in the pop up window or the text or field on top of the canvas? 

Please also provide a link to your website.

Thanks for the answer :) the images in the pop up, to skip the Under construction Page: 


And the product link is:

The images:


I want the thumbnails more big.

To skpi Under construction Page http://cypsacom-cp5027.wordpresstemporal.com/?ign_skip=C9rJgBl7L9q6Qgm  and this the product link: http://cypsacom-cp5027.wordpresstemporal.com/producto/envarillado/ 

Thanks for reply.


You can go to Fancy Product Designer -> UI Composer -> Choose the layout you are using for the product -> Layout -> Miscellanous -> Image grid colums -> one

Seems the same size, the thumbnails are 133*55  it are not possible the thumbanils size are like 333*100 for example?



It still has two items in a row. Are you sure you've set it up in the correct UI Layout? 

Otherwise you can p.e. try to go to the UI Layout you are using and p.e. insert the following code in custom CSS 

.fpd-grid>.fpd-category.fpd-item>picture {

height: 75% !important;


Yes Im sure, I only have one UI Layout


Now the uimages looks big :) but still some adjust, but now the text is over the image, how can fix that? thanks for the support!


It should work. Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

Further UI customizations depend on what you like to get. For customizations please hire us via https://fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request/

When i am using image from choose from design option, it is overlaping mobile image and not able to manage layers.image

I want like this.....

Please help


Please contact our support to get help with the setup https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/home 

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