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Sign Shop - How to use Variable Products with FPD?

Our signshop site has two major products: corrugated plastic signs, and banners. These are variable products; sizes and pricing are different.

Should I make a large stage, then make pre-fab Designs for the sizes? For example:

On the coroplast signs, we have 18x24, 24x36 and 24x48. I was thinking of making blanks of those three sizes and load them into the design library. However, our average user ain't too bright, so they may not be able to figure out how to load the designs onto the canvas. (No, they won't read instructions)

So I got to thinking -- should I make the variable sizes into simple products? UGH. PAIN. That would not be my favorite thing to do, but if it's the only way I'll do it.

Coroplast signs have 6 size variations. Banners have at least 8 size variations. If these were turned into simple products it would clutter the site and confuse our customers. How should I do this?

You can check out our site at https://www.signwayprint.net

The Socket-Grips for phones worked out great with FPD, but those are simple products. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks everyone.

-Ted @ SignWay

The link you provided doesn't work. Can you provide any images on your project?

Sorry, it's https://www.signwayonline.net.

I've attached a screenshot of the coroplast variable products.

Thank you,



I would create one fancy product with the design you like for one variation. Then you can duplicate this product and just change the aspect ratio of your base layer. That won't be much work.

Hello randy kal,

We have same situation here. We have different sizes for same invitation card. I understand what you mean. I will create new FPD for each size of one invitation card. Thats ok. BUT I want customer to see and design the different sizes of THE SAME model on the same product page. He should not move to another page. How this can be possible

it is the same product page. The inside display of the canvas simply changes. 

Hi Ted - we are trying to do something similar - I was just looking at your site - looks like you weren't able to work it out with FPD?

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