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SVG Colorization

Is there a way to force all of the same color elements in  the svg file change rather than having the popup show ALL of the individual elements. For example I have a file with navy, silver, and teal elements. Can all of the navy elements be changed with one click?
Yes, group all the navy paths etc before saving the svg

I have done that and even gone as far as grouping them on a new layer without success. Am I saving them in the wrong SVG format or is there a setting I am missing? 

Could be. Are you using Illustrator? Shouldn’t make much difference really though. Happy to look at it if you can attach.

Thank you for your help. Yes, I am using Illustrator.  File attached.

austin.svg austin.svg
1.08 KB

You need to combine the shapes that should have the same color instead of just grouping them. Please try the attached file.

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