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Extra space around svg ignored in designer & Gradients in svg's no longer working

When I upload a small svg I add space around it to make it easier to click (and not delete or duplicate) for the customer. The extra space is now being ignored and disappears in the designer which means the edit squares all appear nearly on top of one another and it is near impossible to move without deleting, duplicating, or changing the size.

Another svg problem I have recently come across is that gradients no longer work. In the past I could upload a svg with a gradient color and it would work in the designer. That is no longer the case, they simply appear transparent.


Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue.

I don't have support left on any of my 3 licences. Does that matter?

I've also discovered that the problem of the space around the svg only occurs when it has been made into a compound path. If there are 2 or more paths in the svg, then the space will show up correctly.

Yes, that matters but you can still open a support ticket and see whether you'll get an answer. 

I had a problem making space around my SVG Designs as the viewbox didn't seem to matter. It seems to me ( without TONS of investigation time) that the tool loads in only the visible portions of an SVG. here is a method I used to create "extra space" around my designs.

Please note that I'm also using a non-movable. non-scalable, exact dimension images with this method

What was the method you used to create extra space around the svgs?

Again, I note that this worked fine until a few months ago.

You could try to use the plugin svg support https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/svg-support/  Maybe this'll help you. 

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