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Free vesrsion

Hello All,

Is there any free version available for this plugin and if not can you please provide a trial version so that we can setup in local and check is it fullfill our requirement or not because we need to create something like https://www.levelframes.com.

If it will fullfill our requirement we will buy this plugin as we need to integrate colors of frame and all for example https://www.levelframes.com/frames/new?width=13.125&height=12 and https://www.levelframes.com/blocks/edit_block?token=vxD3yIS1q1Ko2EXVsh6JGA and https://www.levelframes.com/collages/fetch_collage_selection.


Roshni Ahuja.


You can test our plugin on demo.fancyproductdesigner.comĀ 

Rebuilding the website levelframes.com however is not possible without customization mainly because our product configurator works on one page and not on several pages. Using the multistep product configurator you can get something like this to work on one page but not step by step on follow up pages.

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