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Can you change the background colour of the Designer?

Ive been using the Designer on my website but one thing has popped up.

I need Black product as a choice but the background of my webpage is Black. 

Without having the change the background colour of my page can i change the

background colour of the designer to White or a Grey etc?

I couldn't find the solution. Anyone else know?

Thank you in advance!



Yes, you can go to your WooCommerce Product -> Individual Product Settings -> General -> Background -> Change from Image to Color and pick the color you like.

can the customer change the background colour?

If you like your customers to be able to change the background color, you can add a layer below your product within the product builder and enter only one hex code for it (color picker) or several color hex codes (color palette). 

OK. can it be done in the UI composer? or only in the product builder? and in the product builder in wich part you add the extra layer with the HEX CODE ? Thanks. 

In the UI composer you can only do that via CSS:

body .fpd-container .fpd-main-wrapper {
background: #000 !important;

ok. may be it could be something good to improve in next versions, how do you see it?

This CSS is changin only the pre-determined Background colour, but not displaying an option to the customer to change it by himself. How can the customer change from the product UI Buider template the colour of background? Thanks.  :=

This is not possible. The UI Composer is made for the person selling a product to set up the Layout. 

Everything you want the user to be able to change has to be set up in the product builder. 

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