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Hello, I've selected for customized image to replace product image as thumbnail and cart photo in the fcp settings. It doesn't work. I've ran the debug mode and it comes back as all filters and hooks are found. I've used the browser inspect to see the source, and it's reading from the product photo. when i removed the product photo with hopes that it'd show the customized one, the cart thumbnail shows a placeholder. so it seems that the fpd custom photo override isn't working. how do i correct this? i've parsed the forum, found similar topics, but the result ended in submit ticket. so i am. please help! didn't have this issue with the other product designer before switching to this one.

additional info, i just purchased yesterday and using latest woocommerce/wordpress. also, after uploading image to shirt in customizer on product page, i click add to cart. when i do, i get a browser warning stating that i will lose any info if i continue. so i hit cancel and the save button. after refreshing, the original upload zone photo has returned deleting the customer uploaded image. 


Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue. https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/home

I did that right after i messed up and saw i didn't do this is the ticket area. sorry. it's assigned to Johnny. Awaiting reply

it's kind of urgent. if there's anyway i can get some help asap. hasn't been that long that i sent the ticket, maybe 23 hrs ago... but quick help would be most appreciated.

... solved via Ticket. 

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