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Price for different site design

Hello. Is it possible something like that:

- print only front or back - price £10

- print on front and back - price £15


- add image £3 (no limit image)

- add text £1,5 (no limit text)

I know how add extra price per image and text but this is for every added image or text

You can set an image price and a text price as well as a maximum price for each view so no matter how many images or texts will be uploaded you can set it to a maximum of p.e. 4,50. (for two images or image and text or three texts,..)

It is not possible to regard the positions images and texts as two different stages where each has a maximum price. 

You can let your customers choose between only one view or both view via the "products" module.


Make 2 different product is not smart solution.

If I do 15 different colour I need make 30 different product.

Is it possible add something like that on your produkt?

extra price for second site print?


You can already insert a view price and enable the vie as "optional view" in the product builder. 

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