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source code instead of a product design in an email?


how to attach a design image in the email (gravity form) instead of source code ?


You can use our admin solution for that. You can find it on admin.fancyproductdesigner.com


i have ordered the full premium admin solution called automated export and i dont know which field should i use on the gravity form for this to display. 

Thank you


Sorry i guess i misunderstood your question. Gravity forms has nothing to with our plugin. You can connect it to the fancy product designer but entries for that form are transmitted via gravity forms so you have to contact their support. 

I am wondering any one in here using gravity form with this product?? 

I'm using GF in https://sepiia.com/prendas-custom-b2b/ and It would be a great update if the image that the customer is seeing goes attached in the admin e-mail instead of having to login to WP-admin and go to the form entry.

That functionality could also be used to send the customer a confirmation email with the data they've entered together with the images they configured. Currently they have to manually download it using the download tool before sending the form/closing the tab ---> Not cool/inconvenient.

Also when viewing the entry on gravity forms, FPD attaches the modified image and not the original file, so if the client resizes or rotates it, that's all you can get from the form entry. So if you want to really create the product (in our case, print the logo on the shirt), you have to manually ask the customer for the original hi-res file --> Not cool/inconvenient.

You can get all original images from the customer. Those are stored in the fpd folder. 

If you like to get all files within a print ready pdf via email you need to supscribe into our admin solution on admin.fancyproductdesigner.com


Thanks for your answer. 

Accessing the folder via ftp is not convenient for a person who is not a technician. There should be a link in the form entry next to the one that downloads the scaled/rotated one saying "Download original uploaded image" or something like that. In that way images are linked to the form entry and not thrown all together in a ftp folder.

Could this be too complicate to implement?

Thank you.

It is easy accessible in our admin solution. In that case please sign in to admin.fancyproductdesigner.com

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